Moving on a journey through 4 visually and philosophically different formal worlds, WATERMELON is a gargantuan attempt to find new ways of understanding what exists/ find new truths in a post truth world. 4 acts are linked by recurring themes and reflections on our experiences and reflections on the VOID and the many ways it manifests aesthetically, emotionally and politically in our lives IRL + URL. 

Watermelon is an image-driven internet-inspired theatrical spectacle that embraces and ridicules our collective obsession with pop culture and the excesses of internet binge culture as we hurtle forwards and forget everything. It will be like everything and nothing you’ve ever seen before, and everything and nothing you’ll ever see again. 

Borrowing the desperation of the feminist performance art lineage to create visually absurd & [                ]    spectacles that create experiential...


PART 1 - Virgin/Whore 

PART 2 - Acid/Bubbles 

PART 3 - The Domestic 

PART 4 - Meanwhile in Russia