The internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too

An existential comic happening exploring surfing the internet as a performative act.
zin are here to break the internet, and are inviting you to help. Join zin on an internet spiral into hell and beyond, as they bring you the best and worst from the depths and the heights of the world’s wide web. 

“The internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too” explores surfing the internet as a performative act – an experience both banal and mesmerising, confronting and familiar.

We sit on stage facing the audience, each at a table with our laptop. Both laptops are connected to projectors, which are displayed large-scale, side by side onto the back wall for the audience to see as the performance unfolds. YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, nothing is off limits in this internet spiral to hell and back.

 As we embark on an absurd roller coaster ride, delving into the depths of click hole despair and reaching the heights of click bait euphoria, the audience plays an active part in shaping the performance by communicating with us through social media channels and online platforms, gaining a level of control over the outcome of the show. It is a really fun way of exploring the democratisation of the artist audience relationship – but from the safety of your comfy theatre seat.

Is it profound or is it trash? We don’t know, but look at this panda video.

We are interested in the psychology of clickholes, and what surfing the internet and can reveal about a person. We are interested in the personalisation of mass-produced products like MacBooks and the economic and cultural-capital benefit of the internet in our lifestyle. We are interested in the way lines of thought intersect and clash with each other, and how we collectively catalogue and represent our culture online. This live performance speaks to these interests and engages audiences actively in these ideas.

Created and performed by zin partnership, ( Harriet Gillies and Roslyn Helper).

Developed at:

Kaldor Public Art Projects, Project 30 Marina Abramović: In Residence, July 2015

Presented at:

Melbourne Fringe Festival, Arts House Festival Hub 2016.

Afterglow at PACT, January 2017

NZ Fringe Festival, 2017.


Winners of Best Live Art Award and New Zealand Tour Ready Award, Melbourne Fringe 2016

Winners of Most Innovative Work Award, New Zealand Fringe 2017